5 Tips for Health Hair

Tips For Healthy Hair

It’s an age old dream, the truth untold. It burns in the hearts of women all around the globe as they gaze at their TV screens, tune in to shampoo commercials and Disney movies alike, and gazing at the luscious locks sported by models, ask one question: “how do I get healthy hair?”

While we cannot guarantee that you will be able to replicate Rapunzel’s locks after reading this, but we can guarantee that it will make a significant difference to your tresses and get you one step closer to your dream. Here is our compilation of tips on how to get healthy hair.

#1 Steer Clear Of Heat :

While it is quite tempting to want to copy the trendiest hairdos, sport some mermaid curls, or wear a sheet of hair straighter than the average American, you might want to put your curlers and straighteners in the closet for a bit. It is common knowledge that continuous use of heat using appliances is harmful to your hair. Not only will it wear your hair down to a strand of hay, but it will also suck all the much needed moisture right out of it.

#2 Use Of Lukewarm Water:

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing more beautiful than a hot bath or shower after a long day of work; it loosens the muscles and washes away the day’s worries. But have you stopped to think what this tempting temperature is doing to your hair? The hot water loosens up the cuticles of your hair shaft. Rinsing your hair with hot water can leave your hair overly porous, and leave it dry and brittle. It also causes dandruff! So make good use of lukewarm water.

#3 Use Heat Protectant After Each Wash:

Heat protectant will not only protect your hair from the wrath of the sun, but it also leaves you free to blow dry your hair and style it using heat (within reason, of course).

#4 Avoid Chlorinated Water:

Is it hot outside? Want to make good use of a warm day? Thinking of visiting your local swimming pool for the third time? Think again. While one swim in chlorinated water won’t harm your hair (although it might leave the hair dry and brittle for a day or two) repeated swims in chlorinated water cost more than they are worth. Chlorinated water will suck sebum (which is a protective oil) right out of your hair shaft. Based on your level of scalp sensitivity, you may also experience rashes and irritation. If you need to go for some reason, use a Silicon or Latex based protective product.

#5 Give It The Right Treatment Once A Week:

Let’s give credit where credit is due: our hair goes through a lot. It suffers with us through the hot summers, bears the effects of carelessness as we wash it with boiling hot water, uses hot irons relentlessly, and don’t even wash out harmful products correctly. Give it the right treatment once a week: use hair masks, hair nourishing creams, give it a gentle shampoo and condition, and last of all, deep condition it.


Try these easy tips for healthy hair and fall in love with your hair!