Greenprose is authorized reseller of Natulique Denmark – maker of natural/organic hair care and hair styling products. Natulique is a pioneer in organic hair care and color niche being one of the first in the world to pursue healthy, green and sustainable alternative to harmul chemicals laden products. All Natulique products are manufactured in Denmark and that makes them unique in the industry. Danish government strictly regulates the hazardous chemicals found in everyday products. More than 1300 dangerous chemicals are today banned within cosmetics only. Contrasting is the U.S. FDA’s regulations, which only bans and restricts 11 chemicals in total. The rest of the world has similar low and worrisome regulation standards.

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  • No Parabens
  • No Added Silicone
  • No Artificial Colours
  • Animal Cruelty Free
  • Professional Quality
  • Sustainable Packaging

Certified Organic Ingredients


Natulique Natural Root Concealer

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Infra-red Thermometer FDA  No touch Baby adult forehead


Infra-red Thermometer FDA No touch Baby adult forehead

$34.50 $59

High quality FDA & CE compliant infra-red thermometer. Contact less, Touch free thermometer for baby and adult temperature measurement. Thermometer is dual use. It will check object temperature as well.

In Stock. Same Day Shipping if ordered before 3 PM Eastern

Not All Thermometers are made equal! 

A thermometer is as good as its sensor. Cheap thermometers with cheap sensors give inaccurate and inconsistent readings.

Reads in Fahrenheit & Centigrade


Auto shut-off: 

  CE, RoHS 

1.Memory function- Store temperature recording

2. High quality sensor provides extreme accuracy;

3. FDA, CE Compliant

4. Large high definition screen

5.. Sleek modern design

  One  Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

 Thank you. I'm a nurse and with this current situation, this infra-red Thermometer No touch Baby adult forehead no contact works great. So accurate compared to the other infra-red no touch thermometers we have.

Unfortunately, I bought one from you on June 5th and it worked unbelievably on my 32 residents that I have to check their temps every night until I dropped it. Now the digital display is touchy. I had to buy another one as a replacement. 😔😔😔😔 We have been on lockdown since March 11th. This thermometer is quick. Only takes me about an hour to take all the temperatures.

Thank you, 

Paula G

$34.50 $59

Natural & Organic Hair Products

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Organic Natural  Shampoo


Organic Natural Shampoo




Flair Organics  is authorised distributor of Natulique Organic hair products. Natulique, based in Denmark, is one of top manufacturers of organic hair care products.
NATULIQUE products are created from a simple premise: No dangerous ingredients! Their formulations are the safest available in the professional beauty industry today.
Natulique believes in ingredient integrity and mission consistency, beginning with organic ingredients, whenever possible, to keep dangerous chemical preservative systems and lathering agents out of the end product.
Natulique also does its part in promoting sustainability. Packaging is made from rock paper and easily recyclable plastics.



We are a team of passionate beauty curators who believe in the idea that authentic, efficient and clean beauty will revolutionize the way we think about cosmetics, an idea we think should be spread widely!

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Our team is made of people who grew up with the passion of cosmetics and beauty. We want to guarantee you that all our products are reaching the highest standards. This is why we do not just sell products: we are using them everyday!

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